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1.8.a Why BGP?

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1.9.c DNS Ecosystem

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1.9.a DNS Operation

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1.9.h DNS Diagnostic Tools

This PDF provides a “guided tour” through various DNS tools.

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1.9.b DNS Negative Responses

What happens if you query DNS for a record that does not exist? The answer depends on at least three factors: What part of the domain exists A previous negative DNS response has been cached Whether DNSSEC is running Negative DNS Responses If the domain exists, but the subdomain does not, any DNS server can…


1.12.a.1 Segment Routing Introduction

Segment Routing (SR) comes in two flavors or implementations: SRv6, which operates entirely in the IPv6 address space SRMPLS, which uses MPLS tags This series on Segment Routing is going to consider SRv6. The Problem Space What problems are we trying to solve with SRv6? Traffic steering Service chaining Each of these two represents an…


2.1.b Engineering Life


2.1.a Architecture, Design, and Operations